Monday, July 21, 2014

the closet: Blue Bird

Since I've moved (and finally found my camera remote,) I've been able to take outfit photos in my backyard! I'm still getting the hang of working with the space, but it's a lot better than working with a apartment back-stairwell. (During this particular session, it was extremely humid out, and lens kept fogging up. It was crazy!) I'm totally not one of those types of bloggers who can just start taking outfit photos in the middle of the city with tons of people watching. Even though I know what my intentions are for the photographs, I know that what I'm doing can be perceived by onlookers as a pretty narcissistic act. And boy, I'm definitely not confident enough in my "modeling" to argue with those people and their freaked-out looks, so that's why sister goes to the backyard or some private place like a back-stairwell. Hi, I'm a little creepy. And apparently this is confessions part one? 

IMG 0937

Anyways, let's talk about these boots. OH, these grandly beautiful ankle-boots, I really do adore them. I can wear them for 12 hours and not know the difference. It's absolutely incredible!… They're by one of my favorite shoe brands, Seychelles and I nabbed these suckers called the "unlock the door" ankle boot. But I honestly don't know how or why I nabbed 'em for only $39.99 on I'm sharing the price because I'm oh, so proud of myself, for a couple days later they were back up to $81.32. How does that happen?!

IMG 0972

 This dress is also something that I adore, because it fits my body-type quite well, if I do say so myself! Also, I do well with a higher waistline because my hips are a little crooked from my scoliosis. So when I wear a tighter fitting dress with a lower waistline, I look a bit lopsided. (See?! Confessions part one!)

IMG 0964

IMG 0957

IMG 0952

IMG 0942

| Boots | Dress | Belt - thrifted Here | Glasses |

IMG 0967

Where do you take your outfit photos, and what type of blogger (if you are one) would you say you are? 

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