Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the closet: Ruffled Chambray & Camo

So let's talk about shoes. I mean, honestly, we all know this is crazy-Em's favorite topic. This past May when I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was lucky enough to have a spare moment to visit the Wolverine Company Store. There I fell in love with these incredibly comfortable platform sandals, and a beautiful pair of Hush Puppies. Oh my Heavenly Father, those were insane. I have dreams about those platforms… Anyways, these CAT sandals were a lot cheaper, especially with a 40% off discount, and I literally wear these all day errday, guys. These things are ridiculously comfortable. There's an EVO outsole, which makes them like walking on foam and you kinda feel like you're walking on air. It's pretty freakin' sweet, dudes.  

IMG 1012

IMG 0973

IMG 1006

IMG 0993

IMG 1021

IMG 1019

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