Sunday, July 20, 2014

starting fresh

Sometimes starting out fresh is necessary… This past year has been a year of questioning, and I was often finding myself debating what blogging truly meant to me and if I even enjoyed it. Interestingly enough, I realized that I really wasn't enjoying it all that much anymore, and there were several things at play here.

1. I loved having a reason for allowing my creative juices to flow when it came to my personal-style, but figuring out how to write about them was not easy. I was pretty shitty at it, actually. (More thought will be put into the text of these posts, basically, is what I'm sayin' here, kids.) I would put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way and somewhat fell into the style-blogger lifestyle of trying to obtain as many items of clothing as possible. It was turning into something I couldn't afford, and I craved for a more simplistic and less wasteful lifestyle. Also, my personal-style has changed A LOT.
2. The blog that I had was becoming less and less "me" as the months and years went by. I was starting to become a very different woman with very different needs and expectations. For example, my old blog had started out as a way for me to express my grieving process of my best friend's death. Almost three years later, I have become a lot more private of a person and prefer to keep those types of matters offline.

3. I wanted to feel less pressure to take time off come the school-year (wink-wink) when I'll be doing some major adjusting.

4. I also wanted the freedom to write about some different subject-matters outside of the world of fashion & personal-style, and was having trouble connecting that with what felt like an "out-dated" version of myself on my previous blog.

Emily 11

So from those factors, I decided that it is time to start fresh with blogging, because as it so happens, both my personal and my career paths are experiencing "starting-fresh" as well. The big secret to readers and to a lot of people in my life, including my co-workers, has been that I'm leaving corporate-America and my great job at a fashion-forward footwear company to go back to school in the Fall. Being in corporate-America is my comfort-zone, for I've been a part of it for over five and-a-half years. At the age of twenty, I left community college with a certificate in office-support, very unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I had a horrible experience at a small Christian-college in Massachusetts with my private viola coach, and had left music behind me for good. So I worked and moved out and worked on my "independence."

I'm turning twenty-six in a couple of weeks, and I'll be going back into the world of the unknown. I've accepted a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to study violin performance with a minor in American-Roots Studies (Grassroots/Bluegrass.) After the death of one of the closest friends I've ever had and some tough family-struggles, I started writing more music and improving more at church. I became involved in the bluegrass scene and started to completely fall in love with it. And then, I finally felt that push to follow my true dream, that I think was always deep in my bones but just needed a little longer to find than some others. I'm so excited about this new blog and new stag in my life and am really excited to be able to share it with you all.

For this blog, I'm seeing more music-realated topics, of course, homeopathy, interior design, some DIY's, and other opinion-pieces on spiritual growth & encouragement for women. But I mean, who the heck knows! I'm just goin' with the flow and hope y'all are excited to go on this flow with me! 
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