Welcome to The Lena Marie Blog. My name is Emily, and I am the author of this little diddly-thing. The name derives from my childhood nickname "Lena," what my dad still calls me, and from the name of one of the closest friends I've ever had, Karina "Marie", who died in September of 2011. I am currently finishing up almost five and-a-half years in corporate-America, the last two and-a-half working for a fashion-forward shoe company in the product creation department. In the fall, I am going back to school full-time at Berklee College of Music to finally finish my degree in music performance with a minor in American Roots Studies. As far as blogging goes, I've been doing it for almost five years now, and am just starting to get the hang of it! My personal-style can be pretty eclectic at times, but at others it can be very subdued and "crunchy", for lack of better terms. Have fun poking about and give me a holler at talesforkarinamarie{at}gmail{dot}com.

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