Monday, July 28, 2014

the closet: easy cotton skater dress

As the months and years go by, my personal-style becomes more subdued. I remember always wanting to stand out when I was growing up, but now I look for comfort and an outfit that just emulates my personality and how how I'm just feeling that day. There's rarely the thought of "how can I look a little bizarre today?" In the summertime, it's pretty much ALL about comfort and keeping cool for me. I don't do super well in the heat, so I really tend to be more conscientious of that. I've also recently become addicted to the ASOS cotton skater-dresses, because they're so lightweight and when they're on the sale rack, you can snag for like ten or fifteen bucks. 

IMG 1034

IMG 1028

IMG 1037

IMG 1050

IMG 1030

IMG 1045

IMG 1052

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