Friday, June 12, 2015

It's Summer and I Wrote a Blog Post!

So it's officially been six months since I last wrote on this little puppy. So sorry, friends. But seriously, being a student at Berklee is friggin' time-consuming. So what the hell have I been up to these days? I shall inform you...

I wrapped up the spring semester with flying colors and and lovely GPA average, which is very exciting for me since I've never been the type to excel in school. (Hence why I'm here at this age.) My private teachers in the string and roots department were extremely pleased with the rate that I am catching on and improving at; also another thing that I've learned to feel proud of as well. Learning, learning, learning so much about the world, all types of music but especially bluegrass and old-time fiddling, and really learning a lot about myself too. So much. Oye. So yeah, that's about it in a teeny, itty-bitty nutshell. Ha.

As far as what's going on for the summer? Well, Miss Emily decided to take 16 credits (the maximum amount at Berklee, which I've also done every semester) this summer, which started three weeks ago. (I had a two-week hiatus of no classes in May, which was enough for me. I get antsy in the second week and start to contemplate the meaning to life way too much.) So yeah, sheddin' out 16 more credits, mostly consisting of my third round of Harmony and Ear Training classes and my music therapy classes... Oh yes, guys, I'm double-majoring in Violin Performance (with a minor in American Roots) and Music Therapy. I'll be here a little longer than if I was just doing the one major, but I'm here and I'm frickin' doing it, guys. It's what I want more than anything in the world and I'm going to get it! 
* insert maniacal laugh *
This coming week I'll be missing most of my classes for Miles of Music camp, which is a fiddling and songwriting retreat-like-camp on an island on Lake Winnipesaukee. (Something that I'm going to have to live with is missing these classes and not being too hard on myself about it, because a ton of kids at Berklee are already touring musicians in some form who miss classes, especially in the summer.) I'm super pumped about camp though, and am looking forward to being in nature with friends, pick some tunes, and learn some neat shit! 
Later this summer I will be attending a big bluegrass festival, but can't share much more than that at the moment. (This is a dream come true though, so it's basically the most exciting thing of my life right now.) 
I'm not gigging a ton at the moment, but that's all the works. At the moment I'm focusing on improving a lot of technical skills through attending pickin' sessions and in my own private studies. There may be some recording in the works and some branding abrewin', but not for a bit. Stay tuned. But I am still playin' with the lovely Kaiti Jones though, and she's still rockin' like it's 1993. You can check her out on Facebook here

Here's some pic's that Ms. Jones' dear friend visiting from LA, Alex Crawford of Articles of Style, took of us. He's a little prince that we love and adore over here on the East Coast! 

Above is my majestic-fiddling-princess-riding-her-stallion face.

I hope y'all are having lovely summers so far. (Gah! It's the summer!!) And please shoot me an email if you're an old friend or coworker! I'd love to reconnect with my peeps!

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